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The article aims to discuss the concept of staff augmentation.

What is meant by Staff Augmentation?

The Offshore Subsidiary model is perfect for large scale businesses. In the Philippines for example, there are a lot of offshore subsidiaries from multinational conglomerates such as Accenture, JP Morgan Chase and Co., Amazon, and IBM Solutions Delivery.

However, aside from these global business service providers, there are several mid-sized businesses that also need to rapidly scale.

For these businesses, the process of largely hiring remote teams, or staff augmentation, is one way to meet the staffing demand.

A practical choice for this type of business is to work with a Staff Augmentation vendor.

Rather than setting up an offshore subsidiary, which is costly and requires a lot of document processing, Staff Augmentation providers can help companies who want to expand globally by hiring offshore talent and at the same time observe compliance in international employment laws.

Staff Augmentation is hiring, building, managing a dedicated team or staff through an outsourcing partner usually located outside a company’s geographical location to support business processes.

Staff Augmentation helps solve the relevant challenge of staffing with a highly specialized global talent marketplace.

Staff Augmentation allows companies to create the value of an offshore subsidiary at any scale.

Staff Augmentation lets clients maintain control on the operations through enabling focus and scalability on core business process functions and providing in-house skills.

This model lets clients build a 100% dedicated offshore team who are basically full-time employees of the client. The remote staff works alongside in-house team.

Businesses can build a dedicated captive team based offshore through an established Staff Augmentation partner.

In a recent report, market intelligence company SpendEdge forecasted that the global staff augmentation services market would grow at a 3.53% CAGR between 2021 and 2025, reaching a total incremental spend of $81.87 billion.

Clients ultimately decide on staffing requirements, operating systems, tools, processes, schedules, quality checks, and pricing.

The Staff Augmentation vendor essentially becomes part of your management team responsible for critical functions and decisions such as compliance, IT security, healthcare benefits, security, employee relations and so on, in close coordination with the client.

Connext Global Solutions is an established remote staffing provider in the Philippines that can create the value of an offshore subsidiary at any scale. Connext Global Solutions allows clients to start their own offshore (captive) teams.

Clients start their own offshore (captive) teams with the flexibility and scalability to start with 1 Connext employee or 50. With our scalable and flexible staffing solution, companies can easily build and outsource staff and get to onboard additional staff depending on the need and adjust as they see fit.

The company has a proven track record of innovative staffing and process solutions for clients in project management and across all industries.

Connext Global Solutions helps manage a client’s team as if it was theirs and makes sure the performance matches or exceeds that of your local teams.

Industries Connext Caters to:

1. Healthcare Providers

2. Distribution

3. Telecommunications

4. Title and Escrow

5. Property Management

6. Accounting

7. Banking

8. Technology

9. E-Commerce

10. Retail

11. Construction

12. Professional Employer Organization

13. Insurance

The Connext Virtual Captive Model provides a higher degree of control, flexibility, scalability, and quality than the typical outsourcing model. Connext Global Solutions is uniquely positioned to take on new projects, regardless of size and scope.

Get started with Connext today.

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