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Case Studies

Connext has helped many businesses build excellent outsourcing solutions

Building a Dedicated Offshore Credentialing Team to support business growth
Building a Custom Offshore Accounting Team for a Retail Grocery Chain
Creating a Cross Functional Support Team for a regional bank
Creating a 24/7 Customer Support team for Venture backed E Commerce Startup
IT Staff Augmentation for Payment Services Company
Staff Augmentation for Accounting Management Firm
Recruitment Services for Expense Management Software Company
Direct Booking Solution for an Entertainment Firm
Cost and Process Improvement for Title and Escrow
Hawaii Title and Escrow Services
Multi-Skilled Associate Integration for a Pharmacy Group
Developing a Central Scheduling System for a Nationwide Healthcare System
Building ‘Industry-Best’ Property Management Service Offshore
Process Automation – Financial Services
Streamlining Business Processes with a Dedicated Offshore Team
How Connext Global Solutions Unlocks Client Growth by Providing Accounting Support
Customized Staffing Solutions

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