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Hire Offshore React.js Developers

Hire Offshore React.js Developers

The article discusses the benefits of hiring offshore React.js developers.

Visual design intent, the user interface (UI), and website usability or user experience (UX) in layout of the website and its pages such as landing pages are all important when developing and building a website.

One of the popular front-end libraries is React.js. React.js is a component-based library that was developed in 2011 by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook.

React.js was converted to an open-source front-end library in 2013. The library was intended for building user interfaces of web and content-based applications or websites.

According to Builtwith Trends, React.js tops the JavaScript library usage distribution on the entire internet.  There are currently a total of 16,535,063 websites using React.js. 11,184,529 live sites using React.js, or 24.16% of the entire internet.

Some popular platforms that use React.js. are Instagram, Facebook, BBC, New York Times, Airbnb, streaming platform Netflix, Pinterest, Asana, Reddit, WhatsApp, UberEats, and more.

In fact, UI engineers at Netflix talked about their decision to switch to React.js, emphasizing “Our decision to adopt React was influenced by a number of factors, most notably: 1) startup speed, 2) runtime performance, and 3) modularity.”

React.js is user-friendly. The open-source library uses virtual DOM or Document Object Model that provides better runtime performance. Thanks to virtual DOM, React.js is among the best front-end frameworks for complex web development projects involving navigation panels, accordion sections, buttons and other elements.

Developers can also save time and money since its code components are reusable.

The React.js front-end mainly lets developers create dynamic elements for their applications.

Aside from building rich UI apps with React.js, React.js is also supported by mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Businesses can continue technical operations by hiring an Offshore React.js developer that has the technological capabilities of providing fully customizable website and product development solutions.

Experienced Offshore React.js Developers can provide website build and create feature-rich, customizable apps from the development, maintenance, coding, innovative design features and website layout.

They are responsible in providing innovative concepts of a company’s website according to website specifications, deadlines, and budget.

They also provide consistent monitoring and updates in all aspects of website and application design. Aside from proficiency in React.js and JavaScript, basic competencies of web developers include proficiency in other programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and have solid knowledge and experience in creating agile cross-platform iOS or Android mobile apps in development platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Xamarin, and Swift.

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